Competition: Win a signed copy of Fionn Regan’s new album ‘100 Acres of Sycamore’

100acresofsycamoreYesterday saw the release of Fionn Regan’s new album ‘100 Acres of Sycamore’ and I have to say it’s a gem. It’s beautifully understated and the strings throughout the album are just gorgeous.

The good people at Universal Music Ireland have given me not one, not two but three signed copies of Fionn’s new album for you beautiful readers.

The competition will run until 3pm on Friday 19th and the decision is final, to enter leave a nice comment below about why you would like a SIGNED copy of the album. You can like my Facebook page too.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks to everyone who entered the competition is now closed. Winners will be notified in the next few minutes, please reply to the mail so I know where to send your albums…

    Thanks for dropping by, tip off for you. There’s another competition coming to the blog tomorrow so if you didn’t win today do try that one..

    Nessy x

  • theotherfiona

    I have his last 2 albums, they were great, I’d love this one and in these ‘recessionary times’ free stuff is always nice. And free SIGNED stuff is even nicer! 🙂

    I have been thinking of some amusing and/or pithy comments to make my answer stand out, had no luck and now it’s Friday so this is as good as you get I’m afriad! :s

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  • John C

    My gf is a big fan having seen Fionn perform in England last year and it would make me very popular!

  • Michael Holland

    I would love to win a copy cause it’s great to hear some inspiring music coming out of Ireland.

  • ooooh ….i would like a copy

  • jennifer cassidy

    I love to win it because my Fiance just recently discovered him and spent all this morning listening to a radio station just to find out the name of a song he had heard a clip of,and his music has inspired him so much hes now upstairs writing a song as I type,hes a singer/songwriter anyway but that’s not his usual style of music. 🙂

  • Lee

    I have been a fan for years and already bought the cd the day it came out, but my brother would love a copy 🙂 He only has a DIY’d version from me right now:(

  • Deeomahoney

    Always love to hear great music, would love this album

  • Tjc28

    I’d love to win a copy. He’s great

  • Emer Breen

    I’d love to to win please – i’ve heard great things about Fionn Regan but i’ve never listened to him much 🙂

  • Marionbruton

    because I think he’s fab.

  • Bridget

    would make my week to win a copy!

  • Markbroomfield2

    Wohoo, delighted to hear Fionn has a new album out!! Would love to win this! Greta competition!

  • Because Fionn is amazing and I’m sure his signature is too!

  • Kevin Mccabe

    I’d love the new album because I think he’s genuinely one of the greatest songwriters in the world right now. The lyrics to every one of his songs always inspire me and a lot of my friends to be creative which is pretty durn awesome! Plus it would be nice to own the hat trick of Fionn albums 🙂

  • DC

    I would love copy simply because it would make me very happy!

  • Vic

    so I could remember my friend every time i listen to it

  • Jason Hague

    I’ve got the soda bread and the spirits all I need is that signed copy spinning around my washed out head.

  • Lar Savage

    Because …..I’m a fan…. simple as that…. 😉

  • Gareth Walsh

    I’m quite honestly one of his biggest fans and I was fairly devastated when I didn’t get to meet him after his show in Sligo a little while ago. To make things worse, finding out about the signing he’s doing in Tower in Dublin just broke my heart a little. So a signed cd might be a good start to the healing process 🙂

  • Keith Broni

    Because I’m a big fan of the first two albums and my overdraft is very scary. 😛

    • chuckyfudge

      Heard a track from this on the radio yesterday and thought it was amazing. Had actually never heard any of the albums before so a new fan, would love a copy of this.

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