Please excuse our appearance

Hey everyone, I’ve had some sort of a website malfunction, thanks to a server migration, which has taken a few days to get to the bottom of. Unfortunately, making sure the website is online has meant that it is currently not as pretty as I would like.

This is going to take me another few days to correct.

Thanks for your patience.


New website this week

I’ve been a little quiet this week, there have been reasons.

I’m in the middle of the transition to and getting everything ready for the switch.

I’ve also been busy working on thing for my new nessycast and getting a theme tune together.

I’m really excited about the switchover.. whoo hoo! The countdown is on!

Des Bishop at The Twisted Pepper

On Saturday night last I had the pleasure of attending a warm up show for Des Bishop‘s appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The gig took place upstairs in The Twisted Pepper in Abbey St, Dublin, a nice little room, cosy, and intimate for an audience of about 50 people. As it was Saturday night too, everyone was ready for a laugh.

I’m not going to gove away any of Des’ jokes from his show, ‘My Dad was nearly James Bond’, that wouldn’t be fair. What I will say is that Des takes the topic of cancer and somehow manages to make us laugh, despite the subject matter.

The show is funny, nostalgic and what I loved about the warmup was, occasionally Des let his onstage guard down to show a softer human side, something we often forget about these funnyguys.

Des gave away tickets for the event on Twitter (where I got them) and on Facebook. A great way to get ready for Edinburgh and in these broke times, a free night out. Tickets for a full Irish tour are on sale now.. go see it.

Thanks Des, best of luck in Edinburgh.

The Big Bang Theory Competition


I’ve managed to get hold of a copy of Season One of The Big Bang Theory on DVD, which can be yours!

All you have to do is leave a comment, with a joke after this post and the comment with the best joke wins the 3 DVD set.

Haven’t Heard of The Big Bang Theory? The story follows Sheldon and Leonard, two nerdy physicists who get a new neighbour when Penny moves in across the hall. Add fellow nerds Raj and Howard to the mix and you get some extremely socially awkward moments..

Remember all you have to do is make me laugh as much as Sheldon does!

Do your worst!

Competition Closes Feb 8th 2010

Culture Cafe: 26/11/09

What a jam packed show!

Here’s what happened!

1. Intro: DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads

2. Taken by Trees: Sweet Child Of Mine

3. La Galaxie:Victory

4. Fingersmith: FreakShow

5. Ivan St John: This is how we play

6. Ladydoll: Honeybunny

7. Chat with Brian Casey MD of Subplot Records

8. Stone Throwing Youth: Too Much Information

9.Nina Hynes: Universal

10. Ivan St John Interview

11. Ivan St John There You Stand

12. The Big Pink: Dominoes

13. Trophy Boyfriend: Black Ship

14. Interview with The Last Tycoons

15. The Last Tycoons: Seven Days off the road (live)

16. The Last Tycoons: The Dry Law (Live)

17.Florence and The Machine: You Got The Love

18. Chat with Jessie from Tullulah Does the Hula

19. Tallulah Does the Hula: Bad Boyfriend

Then it was over.. Time flies!