DCU Multimedia Expo 2012

Multimedia Expo

Multimedia ExpoEvery year, final year students/about to be graduates in DCU hold an exhibition of their work.

This year, is also my final year, so my classmates are showing off all their work with an event ‘DCU Multimedia Expo’ in The Venue in DCU which kicks off on Monday 28th May at 1930.

There are some awesome projects to have a look at including web, video,animation and interactive projects. If you’re into how technology is changing and what you can do with it, you have to come have a look at this. I personally can’t wait to see everything.

My thesis was a written project on ‘The Roll out of Digital Audio Broadcasting in Ireland and Explorations into the Future Radio Landscape’, so I got off the hook on this one.

Don’t Forget Monday May 28th 1930, be there!

Me and the iPad: Two Months On

ipadicusYesterday the new iPad was launched, uber fast, uber sexy and all that jazz. I’ve just had my iPad 2 for about two months now, here’s what I think of it.

The iPad is something I would never have bought for myself. I have to thank Miller Genuine Draft for giving that to me. In that time though, the two striking things for me were: 1. This is all about media consumption, nothing else. 2. Sometimes you just need a computer.

Since my iPad arrived I can certainly say I’ve played more games, and got bored of them, than I previously would have. I prefer Angry Birds on my phone, a nice little HTC, I got bored very quickly with it on the iPad. The car driver games I’ve tried, I liked, rotating the iPad for steering. Games wise I also love Temple Run but this is in very small doses, it doesn’t bode well for those with vertigo. The free version of the Sims from the Apple Store is a definite must have, hours of fun gauranteed. Continue reading “Me and the iPad: Two Months On”

The Guardian: Three Little Pigs

theguardianThis is one of the best ways I’ve seen anybody explain how news gathering and social media are amalgamating. Really clever, it really not only shows what The Guardian does but how different news outlets are using news. In reality, every journalist is a multimedia journalist now, with their new reports, features visuals and audio able to cross broadcast mediums. Awesome!

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet

So there was a bit of a blackout yesterday and a lot of people didn’t and still don’t understand what was happening. Internet neutrality is so important to everyone who uses the internet. There’s a thing called Freedom of Speech, we all need to make sure that our internet remains to be an open form of communication where we can access information and express ourselves clearly and freely. Thanks to Jenny May for pointing out this video.

Radio Listener Survey – For My Thesis…

radioAs you may know, I’m in my final year in college and I am about to embark on the delightful journey that is writing a thesis. To make sure I wouldn’t get bored or end up hating the subject matter, I’ve decided to do it on good ole radio.

I would be much obliged if you could take three minutes of your time to fill in the survey. This is a preliminary survey, so it’s not perfect, I’m trying to find out what other options people would like to see before I go for the final one at the end of January. Thanks for your time.

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