Category: Nessy on the Radio


DCUfm Brunchtime Playlist: 21/05/2012

I had lots of fun on DCUfm today, thanks to everyone who listened and got in touch and thanks to all the bands who sent me in their music for today’s show, had a lot...

DCUfm: 14/05/2012 Brunchtime Playlist

I had lot of fun in the studio for a couple of hours this morning, thanks to everyone who tuned in, here’s the playlist. 1. Eugene McGuinness: Shotgun 2. Funeral Suits: All Those Friendly People...

So I was let loose on the national airwaves again 🙂 Enjoyed getting the show together, met some really good people. Thanks for listening! 1. Dj Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads 2. Wonder Villains: Ferrari...

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