Tune of the Week // Panda Cult – Blue Angel

Panda Cult - Tune of the week - nessymon

Panda Cult - Tune of the week - nessymon

Tune of the Week // Panda Cult – Blue Angel

I’ve been trying to work out what a Panda Cult looks like. Is it a tribe of pandas who all live together inside an enclosed compound? (Is that a zoo?) Is it a whole bunch of pandas who dance to 80s music under the full moon? Going on this release from the newest Merseyside quartet, they may be heavily influenced by the 1980s but have their feet firmly stuck in 2017.

Blue Angel is a one of those three minute wonders, it’s fresh but familiar, perfectly formed with a seriously funky guitar line and is a classic summer track. The track’s vocal refrain of ‘Baby come back to me’ is echoed in the guitar line making it all more memorable. Production on the track is divinely understated but beautifully rounded. It may take a few listens but once ‘Blue Angel’ gets under your skin, it will stick in your head all day. Indie pop delightfulness.

Verdict: Please sir, can I have some more?

You can find out more about the band on their Facebook page and on Twitter.

Listen to Blue Angel

Spotify Tune of the Week Playlist

I’ve started putting Spotify playlists together, including a Tune of the Week playlist, which includes all the tracks I’ve chose as Tune of the Week here on nessymon.com. You can find the playlist here. Make sure you follow, it will be updated weekly.

Tune of the Week // Fejká feat. Hildur – Twilight

Fejka - tune of the week - nessymon

Fejka - tune of the week - nessymon

Every now and again, you click play and magic happens. It just so happened that I was skimming through some emails and this was buried within them. It was love at first listen.

Tune of the Week – Fejká featuring Hildur – Twilight

From the opening second of Twilight, you get the feeling that this track is something special. Understated, dreamlike, delicate and ethereal, the beat slowly builds and takes you to a happy space. This is a track to get lost in, a track to lose yourself, or even find yourself.

Fejká is a 21 year old producer who is studying audiovisual media in university. Twilight is the title track from his debut EP and has been released on Christian Löffler’s Ki record label.

Knowing that this is a debut release, makes it all the more special. This is a first step for Fejká, an exciting first step. Remember where you heard his name first.

You can follow Fejká on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Listen to Twilight

Spotify Tune of the Week Playlist

I’ve started putting Spotify playlists together, including a Tune of the Week playlist, which includes all the tracks I’ve chose as Tune of the Week here on nessymon.com. You can find the playlist here. Make sure you follow, it will be updated weekly.

Photo from here: by Tobi Siebrecht.

Tune of the Week // Larkins – Sugar Sweet

Tune of the week - Larkins - nessymon

Tune of the week - Larkins - nessymon

From the first note of Sugar Sweet, I fell for Larkins’ sound. Lodged somewhere between The 1975 and Duran Duran, Sugar Sweet is an intelligent indie pop song with clever production which remains indie enough to ensure we don’t get a saccharin overload.

The Manchester band have just finished their first European tour and have a string of UK dates lined up for the Summer. The video for Sugar Sweet was filmed while they were on tour (Check out the sweet grading).

Sugar Sweet is one of those singalong anthems that will get in your head and stay there. It’s the type of tune that will go down a treat live. Definitely one for the summer.

You can find out more about Larkins on Facebook, Twitter and on their website.

Looking forward to hearing more.

Tune of the Week // Road Wives – Miracle

Road_Wives - Tune of the Week

Road_Wives - Tune of the Week

This week’s Tune of the Week comes from Dublin’s Road Wives. Enter potential tune of the Summer, ‘Miracle’.

Who is Road Wives

Road Wives is Jack Quinn, who is described as ‘a DJ, producer and recording artist’. He’s from Dublin and his bro is Declan Quinn ex Republic of Loose. In 2015 got together to record some music and ‘Miracle’ is the lead track from the EP, ‘This is Happening’.

The track also features CC Brez on guitars & bass, Zamo Riffman from Sing Street and Eve Macklin (Cats, Les Miserables) on backing vocals.

It’s no surprise that there is a definite tinge of the Loose on this track. With added electronic vibes and a serious danceability, this is a tune that you’ll be hard not find yourself dancing to. In fact, it could be really hard to pin this track to a year or era. It’s modern, contemporary but there’s a serious bang of 1987 from it. In my books, that’s definitely not a bad thing.

It’s uplifting, cheery and ‘let there be light, let there be love’ just radiates positivity. That’s before you see the video. Add some politics and the juxtaposition of the positivity of the song and the downright crapness of the real world and you get something totally motivational.

Good job Mr Quinn.

You can find out more about Road Wives on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Insta

Tune of the Week // Loah – This Heart

Loah - tune of the week - nessymon.com

Loah - tune of the week - nessymon.comOne of the things I really miss about Dublin is popping into town and seeing some of the great local musical acts gigging that week. I haven’t seen Loah live yet but I really can’t wait to.

Who is Loah?

Loah is Sallay Matu Garnett, who grew up between Maynooth in Co Kildare and Sierra Leone. She’s already worked with Villagers and co-wrote ‘Something New’ with Hozier, from his mega selling album. Oh yeah, they only went and won BMI award for that.

Loah describes her sound as ‘ArtSoul’, combining soul with West African influences. The first track I had heard by Loah was ‘Cortege’, a song sung in Sherbro and Mende, languages of Sierra Leone.

‘This Heart’ is sung in the English tongue and will make the track far more accessible to a radio audience. I’d like to add here that people are weird, we’ll watch the Eurovision which has the guts of 40 countries and different languages, but many don’t want to hear anything else on our radios only English. Much like ‘foreign film’, ‘World music’ seems to be a niche for the masses.

‘This Heart’ puts Loah firmly front and centre of the great soul singers of our generation. Her influences are blended together beautifully on ‘This Heart’. She’s got a fantastic tone to her voice, she reminds me of someone or something in a time of yore. Listening to ‘This Heart’ gives me the hairs on the back of my neck that I don’t feel too often and wish I felt more with some music, like the first time I heard Sade’s Ordinary Love.

I’ve listened to this song over and over in the past few days. It doesn’t dull, it doesn’t lessen the impact. Loah and ‘This Heart’, we’ve got something special.

‘This Heart’ is the title track from and EP released on June 16th and this is the first time Loah has tried the UK market. She’s going to make a splash.

You can find out more about Loah on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Tune of the Week // Kidepo – Ramada

kidepo - nessymon.com

kidepo - nessymon.com

First time I heard this track the sun was shining, it seemed like summer was on the way. The tone vibe and atmosphere of the track matched beautifully.

Kidepo’s track, Ramada, is taken from his forthcoming EP, ‘Reunion’. Where’s the reunion? Jonah Mutono, aka Kidepo, was born in London, but moved to Philadelphia at an early age. The family then returned to Uganda, their native land, nine years later. But Jonah went off to school in the UK when he was 13. Kidepo is a river in Uganda, no doubt where Jonah takes his moniker from.

His debut EP, ‘Reunion’, looks at his repatriation with Uganda and his transient life. Jonah’s music takes influences from his travels too. The percussion on ‘Ramada’ sounds very rooted in Africa. This is blended beautifully with R’n’B tinged electronic elements and finished off with vinyl-esque surface noise.

Simply delightful, a fantastic track from a debut EP. Really looking forward to hearing more from Kidepo.

You can find out more about Kidepo on Facebook and Twitter . You can find him on iTunes here.