A baseball sits in a baseball mitt

MLB London Series // Ticket Panic Over

MLB London Series // Ticket Panic Over I'm a huge baseball fan. But, it's only now that I will have the opportunity to go to an MLB game. The last time I was in America was years ago, before I was even a b... More...
Doctors Desk

Lyme Disease // I got a bite

I was at the doctor's for the results of a routine blood test. I have some autoimmune issues and take medication for it. So, I need to make sure that my liver and kidney functions are okay every few months. ... More...
Make Your Sloe Gin - nessymon

It’s Time to Make Your Own Sloe Gin

  It's Time to make Your Own Sloe Gin I've finally done it! After years of thinking 'Ooh I should do that!', I've finally got my ass in gear and got everything together and have made some sloe gin, which... More...