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A year in the life

A Year in the Life – So Long 2016

Ah 2016, I’m glad to see the back of you. On August 8th this year, I started a draft blog post but never finished it. It had the working/title of ‘Why I won’t let June 24th...

Christmas in London - nessymon

Making New Traditions // Christmas in London

Christmas in London I was asked by a well known Irish website to share my thoughts about Christmas abroad and what Christmas is like for me in London. For some reason, they didn’t publish it, so...

Keep on rocking in the free world - the-statue-of-liberty - nessymon

Keep on Rockin in the Free World // US Election

It was Friday night, cold and windy as we walked from Trafalgar Square to Charing Cross Station to make our way home. I turned to Tallulah and said ‘This could be our last weekend’. What? I...