Category: Television


Netflix’s House of Cards Review

Today Netflix launch their original series House of Cards, I was lucky enough to be given a pre-release screener for episodes 1 and 2. Set in Washington DC, House of Cards centres around Congressman, Majority...


Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Trailer

You know, there are two pretty mental things in this post. Point number 1. Grey’s Anatomy is on Season 9, like really? How long is ER off the telly? Point Number 2. Kodaline are on...


How To Be Irish: Get Involved

This sounds interesting. RTÉ is airing its first user-generated documentary on being Irish on St Patrick’s Day. The programme will be made entirely of clips sent in by viewers talking about, or otherwise illustrating, what...

Q.I.: The Making of (Brilliance)

So this was on the telly last weekend, I missed it but caught it on YouTube. Why am I putting a video about the making of Q.I. on the blog? Quite simply, Q.I. is the...

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