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Movie Review // Get On Up – The James Brown Story

Directed by Tate Taylor, Get On Up tells the non linear story of James Brown’s life. Throughout the film we are thrown to different times in James Brown’s life, from the height of his fame to the moment his mother left his family. We all know James Brown’s funky music but Get On Up shows...


House of Cards: Season 2 Trailer

Netflix proved to the word that changing new visual serial work from a television audience to an online audience with season one of House of Cards. I loved it! Great script, great acting, beautifully shot and some fantastic little effects here and there, all in all a slightly brilliant political series. The amount of Golden...


Populaire – Official Trailer

Populaire is in cinemas today, I’m not sure I’m going to get a chance to see it this weekend but I hope I will over the next week. Going on the trailer it looks like a good couple of hours. It’s set in 1958 and is directed by Régis Roinsard, as far as I know...

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