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House of Cards: Season 2 Trailer

Netflix proved to the word that changing new visual serial work from a television audience to an online audience with season one of House of Cards. I loved it! Great script, great acting, beautifully shot and some fantastic little effects [...]

December 13, 2013 Film / Video / Television

The Darklings: the fans behind the band – Documentary Film

The very talented London based filmmaker Jenny May Finn has just made public her documentary ‘The Darklings: the fans behind the band’. The Darklings are, of course, are fans of rock gods The Darkness and Finn made this video alongside [...]

December 8, 2013 Film / Video / Television, Music

Download: William Tell Overture/Finale (Lone Ranger Future Cut Mix)

The Lone Ranger movie hits our screens on August 9th and in the run up to the release. John Reid stars at The Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp is his spirit warrior companion Tonto. The film has been produced by [...]

July 29, 2013 Film / Video / Television, Music

Populaire – Official Trailer

Populaire is in cinemas today, I’m not sure I’m going to get a chance to see it this weekend but I hope I will over the next week. Going on the trailer it looks like a good couple of hours. [...]

May 31, 2013 Film / Video / Television

The Great Gatsby – Great Music is Timeless (Video)

This week sees the release of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby on our shores. I haven’t read any reviews of the film, I’ll see it for myself thanks and I actually read F Scott Fitzgerald’s book yesterday. Going on what [...]

May 13, 2013 Film / Video / Television, Music

Dead Man Down: Film Review

Dead Man Down is Niels Arden Oplev‘s first shot at directing a Hollywood movie. He’s best known for his work in the original ‘The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo’. It’s not surprising then, when Noomi Rapace, who played Lisbeth Salander [...]

May 2, 2013 Film/DVD Review

Download: The Naked and Famous – One Temporary Escape (Live Concert Film)

The Naked and Famous have been one of my favourite bands over the past few years. They announced in June last year that they had finished touring their album ‘Passive Me, Agressive You’. Hopefully that means that they’re hard at [...]

March 22, 2013 Film / Video / Television, Free Music Downloads, Music

Sound City: Film Review

Dave Grohl has been a hero to many music fans for over twenty years, drummer in Nirvana, sometime member of Queens of the Stone Age and rock god in Foo Fighters, he now has turned his hand to film directing. [...]

March 13, 2013 Film/DVD Review