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Goldenplec Magazine on Issuu

Last Thursday I was in Dublin for the now regular ‘Goldenbeck’ gig in The Workman’s. This gig though also acted as the launch for the Goldenplec magazine. Yes, the website has gone to print! Well done to all the guys who worked so hard to get this together, James, Ros, Sean, Stephen and everyone who...


Goldenplec – Best of 2013

The good folk over at Goldenplec have put together a 32 page digital magazine compiling all the ‘Best ofs’ for 2013. It’s not just a series of lists though, alongside all the ‘bests’ you get a nice little paragraph on each entry and in the case of gig reviews, you get the full review first...


Dave Walsh’s The Cold Edge at The Copperhouse Gallery, Dublin

If you haven’t popped along to The Copper House Gallery to see The Cold Edge yet, I would recommend that you do. Dave Walsh is a polar photographer, writer and activist and took these beautiful shots while he was in the Arctic and the Antarctic. The exhibition is running until September 29th and are breathtakingly...


Black & White at 2020 Gallery, Cork : Culture Night and More

Art & Film Collide @ 2020 Art Gallery this Culture Night with ‘In Black & White’ which runs until 10pm tonight. “This Culture Night 2020 Art Gallery pays homage to the golden age of film making with a tribute to the use of black and white stock. Join us on the evening for an exhibition...


Spirit of Folk festival… the countdown is on!

I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the Spirit of Folk festival last month and took a little video footage on my handy pocket camera. I’ve finally got round to putting the bits together. Spirit of Folk takes place this year from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd of September in Dunderry Park in...

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