Behaviourism 101 – now with subtitles

behaviourism-101-nessymonA couple of years ago, I posted this video on Behaviourism. It was an e-learning assignment for my Multimedia degree.

Since then it has had 180000 on YouTube, which is great, nothing at all to be sneezed at.

Why does the Behaviourism video have new subtitles?

I got an email from Deanna Keller, who is a Disability Services Assistant at Western Piedmont Community College in North Carolina.

Deanna’s job is to subtitle content that their students use. One of the instructors there is using our little video as part of their course. Deanna kindly generated subtitles, as the generic captions weren’t quite right. This means that all students, including hard of hearing students can now access the video.

Thanks Deanna, I’m delighted that the video is helping.

And before you all ask, yes, comic sans was intentional.



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