Barbarellas: Body Rock

BarbarellasB*Witched are back! Well, not quite but The Lynch Sisters, Keavy and Edele are back performing together under the moniker Barbarellas.

It’s over a decade since the twins Blamed It on the Weather and all that. Since then Edele has been busy writing for Xenomania and has co-written songs for Girls Aloud and Sugababes, while Keavy was off being a Mum.

A remix of their new single ‘Body Rock’ is available to download for free from their website.  The video features the single mix. So what’s it like?

Well it starts off like Justin Timberlake’s ‘Like I love you’ with guitars, processed vocals and a dirty synth sound. It’s a bit of a grower*, I tend to like my pop songs with a bit more of a build up between the verse and chorus. Would love to hear the chorus bass line a little bit more prominent in the mix. Lyrically, its fair to say the Twins have grown up a bit since B*Witched (Praise Jebus).

The single is released at the end of January with the album ‘Night Mode’ pencilled in for April 2011.

*I’ve listened to it a few times, now it wont leave my head… Ladies, Mission Accomplished!



  • Musicgirl2011

    ok u have the wrong twin Edele is a mum keavys not

  • Jeffries Lynn

    They need to bring back some of the baggs and horns from the home land sound.

  • nessy

    Oh, thanks for that Jack. Appreciate it thanks

    nessy x

  • Jack Fitzsimmons

    I liked your review on Barbarellas, but I must correct on something, Edele is the Mum not Keavy :o) Just wanted to clarify that for you, wasn’t sure if you realised that mistake :o).

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