Eventually, its feels like a new year!

Back to college today! Looking forward to it, finally feels like 2009 has started…  its something like 7 weeks since I’ve been to a lecture… no I wasn’t skiving off, we don’t do exams so when everyone else was doing exams we were finishing assignments and chillin’!

Starting to get a bit fed up with recession talk! I think everyone has to pull their socks up a bit job or no job and make the most of what we have… MMI is still going and people are still looking for CDs which is reassuring. Now I just want to get everything Nessy Productions wise up and running and get more of a internet presence going..

Notice a peak in blog readers – thanks to www.alphainventions.com I like the way the updated blogs roll on their homepage.. not sure how they get so many readers etc to look at each individual blog but it seems to be working! Good Job guys!

I was also looking at the difference between wordpress.com and .org _ I think I’ll stick with .com for the time being, mainly because I can update .com easier from any computer.. I think , if I’m wrong about .org please let me know 🙂

That’s it for now.. I’m off to a lecture on web development!

Ryanair – The No Flight Airline!

I get out of bed at 5.30 yesterday morning, shower, get dressed, have half a coffee and leg it out the door. The cab driver waited patiently as I had squished the last remaining item of clothing into my hand luggage – as we weren’t checking bags in.

On the way to the airport, the cab slides a little on the ice but the main road is clear and the traffic is buzzing along. The taxi driver is in good form,I’m in good form after deciding to make the most of my trip to Berlin.

I get to the airport, get a Starbucks, sit down in the coffee shop and take some photos of the departure board, then go to meet the other 32 people from college who are travelling to Berlinale!

We meet up, everyone is buzzing, though I only know a handful of these people, everyone is chatty and looking forward to a great weekend! As we had checkin online we went to the departure gate, took off our boots and got xrayed.. Then to Gate D62..

So our flight was due to leave at 9.20am .. 9.45 came and went , the flight before us still waiting patiently to board. We sat on the floor of the departure ‘lounge’, laughing, chatting, enjoying the company.. its now 11.30am

Flights start getting cancelled.. one kid passes sobbing.. ‘Stupid Airport! its a stupid airport Mummy!’ , but lots of flights are taking off.. All Other airline flights that were delayed seem to be now sitting on the runway waiting to take off.. not Ryanair… more flights are cancelled..

The Departure Board then says our flight has been changed to D72, at least its movement! Myself and my mate Alan decide at this stage we need proper food, we go in search of somethin more than a muffin or sandwich. I call Claire and tell her we’re grabbing some food – call us if theres news.

The flight is cancelled because of  ‘adverse weather conditions’ BULLSH!T! All of the other flights are now crusing out without a hitch apart from Ryanair!

There mabe a chance we can go on the flight in the morning (sat) at 630 – deadly at least its Berlin for two days.. er no the flight’s full. What will Ryanair do? nothing.. They should at least have a rep on the floor telling people whats goin on.

We were going away for the weekend, others maybe for family events, the sobbing crying and disappointment filled the room, making it an unhappy place. It just seems like Ryanair could not be arsed  doing anything.. if its that bad get out of bed an hour early and make sure people can take off.. they just don’t care!

What’s worse I live 4km from the airport, I come home and while I’m watching TV and feeling sorry for myself, I can hear the planes taking off, the still air making their engines sound even closer. I should be on one of those!

Happy Freezing Tuesday

So Dublin does get snow! pity the freezing rain won’t stay away though, time to wrap up well – and what’s funny ? Pennys in O’Connell Street are selling bikinis!

NessyProductions is getting closer to being officially launched and I’ve been asked to do my first official music video which is great.. Once all the details are confirmed I’ll post all.. have a few meetings coming up shortly as regards a few shorts and stuff so the next few weeks should be fun.

I saw ‘The Good, The Bad and The Weird’ on Saturday morning, Recommend anyone to go see it! Those Crazy ass Koreans know how to make me laugh! Really enjoyed it!

Off to Berinale on Friday morning, if the airport can remain open! Looking forward to it now but please tell me who says you can survive with hand luggage for 4 days especially when you’re lucky if it gets above freezing. We’ll all have to dress in layers like Heidi! Friday is a special day in Berlin, its the 20th anniversary of the last person who was shot trying to get across the Wall.. makes ye think!

I’m also getting back into writing proper like.. and I’ll be doing some reviews for www.musicreviewunsigned.com I’ll start a page here on this too for all of that. I might also put some reviews I did before and articles I wrote for Freeflow Magazine on Morello and Mike Got Spiked… I also did an interview for ISH magazine, the one that never got to the secong issue, with the legend that was John ‘Irish’ Earle,  I also have that on minidisc I might get it out and stream it – The list of people that John played with was amazing, he was a true gentleman, sorely missed

Photos and other nice suprises coming soon.. hope the thermals are clean


Happy Jan 22nd!

So lots of things happening in the world this week. Mr Obama can just about dance, who care’s GET TO WORK!!! Fix that country of yours! … and when you’re finished can you give us a hand here?

Major changes on the Irish side of the big pond! Music Matters International will be changing its name to .. Tadah – Nessy Productions.. I even got my new business cards. The new name gives me more scope to do different things and seeing as its near impossible to get stock, thanks to the world being in a state of  ‘chassis’ , I’m not going to add more stress to myself than I really have to…

Never thought I’d say this.. thanks to the guys from Sony who were great today in Terenure going through their range of cameras.. I want an PMW EX3 even more now.. recession recession – I don’t care! I still want one! Check out www.camerakit.ie  for my supplier friends in Terenure.. and with the BNC out cables its dead handy for using them for animations and for cromakeying..  Met some good people there too today!

Other brill news today is Clive Owen is going to speak about his role in (jaw drops) Sin City at the Jameson Film Festival 🙂 I’ll be there with bells on…  News about that there http://www.iftn.ie/news/?act1=record&aid=73&rid=4281825&tpl=archnews&only=1 .. but don’t buy all the tickets.. i want one! I love graphic novels and I love the whole graphic novel film genre.. the colour grading…. the aesthetics… 🙂 It’s one of the reasons I went back to college, to learn all about that… So I’m definitely looking forward to Feb 17th!

Berlinale is only two weeks away!

Ho Ho Ho!

So this is the time that I hate – you know the time between Christmas and New Year, when it’s not quite either but its still holiday time? To hell with that ! I spent this afternoon doing some work!

Went to see Mr Luhrmann’s Australia yesterday – really enjoyed it.. Although its quite an epic western genre based movie, Mr Luhrmann has still managed to throw his own quirks in there!  Wouldn’t be a fan of The Wizard of Oz at all but he threw some nice references in there.. but its almost too obvious that he has agreed to direct Wicked !?!

So the Giants have signed the Big Unit! Randy is going to the Bay Area for a one year contract! It will be interesting to see what happens next season…

The First Post


First post eh? Well I’ve started this blog another one cos i have an essay to do for college so whichever one seems to work easier and better, well I’ll keep that one on…

Hope Christmas is going well…