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  • Nessy

    thanks Phil,


  • Enjoy what I have seen on your blog. Your blog was one of the “possible related urls” at the end of my Kiitos and Thank You posting. Anyway, since I listen to music of every kind, I am happy to add your Blog site to my Links list. Americans have tunnel vision when it comes to our own fantasy tour thru music and broadway and movies…With just a glance beyond that tunnel, the discovery of Finnish music (Nightwish, Sonata Artica, Tarja Turunen and more) has opened another direction for this listener.

    Thanks for adding to this new direction and congrats. on you blog numbers!

    Phil Edwards

  • nessy

    Hi Bean,
    Thanks for dropping by, just sending you an email..


  • Hey Nessy,
    Found your site through Peter on 2 U I Bestow.
    Was wondering could I send you on a copy of our new album.
    Thanks for your time,