Me, as captured by my niece Michaela

Me, as captured by my niece Michaela - I really should update this

Howdy I’m Vanessa Monaghan – you can call me nessy, even my Mum does!

Nessymon is a combination of both as you can guess, I know nothing at all about Pokemon!

I present a music radio show, The London Ear, on DAB in Ireland on RTE 2XM. I’m originally from Ireland but moved to London in 2013.

Before that I presented an arts and culture show, Culture Cafe, on RTE 2XM. Culture Cafe ran for nearly two years on DCUfm before starting on RTE 2XM in July 2011. You can check out the podcasts here.

You can find my section of the RTÉ 2XM website here.

I write about stuff that interests me, music, movies, exhibitions, television. I started this blog as part of an assignment for college and I forgot to stop.

I also write about music when I can for Goldenplec. I’m also Deputy Editor there.

If there is an event, music, whatever you think I’d be interested in, please get in touch: nessy @ nessymon.com

Please do remember that as I don’t write here full time, it may take a while to get to your mail. I do try to listen to as much as possible. Sometimes things do fall through the cracks. If you would like me to write full time, get in touch, make me an offer!

Please get in touch before adding me to your mailing list.

For consistency, please refer to the title of this blog as nessymon.com not two separate words, thanks!

What else is there?

Other stuff about me can be found on vanessamonaghan.com

George Michael is my musical God!  I have a strange addiction to baseball (Go Giants!) and I hate the rain.. I don’t trust hairdressers!

That’s enough!

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