Elephant Love Medley

I found this online.. The Elephant Love Medley from Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge as performed by the UC? Men’s Octet from the University of California, Berkeley.

Pure Genius! Enjoy!


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The Wolf Moon

So last night after trying for ages, I think I made a pretty decent attempt at a moon shoot! Seemingly its called a Wolf Moon because it’s a full moon in Winter when Wolves would be out. You can read more Here and Here

Took a few of these with slightly different shutter speeds.. This is my favourite, What do you think?

nessy moon pic 1

I’d love to hear your opinions

Culture Cafe Podcasts

Yip, Culture Cafe Podcasts are now available to either listen online or download from Audiofarm.org

The show will be back up and running every Tuesday and Thursday from February 18th on DCUfm.com

If you are in a band, or are an actor, writer, painter, artist of any sort or have an event you would like to promote please get in touch: nessyontheradio @ gmail.com

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P.S. Things I learned about Ireland


Last night I settled down to watch P.S. I love you, probably about time I did, seeing as Cecila Ahern who wrote the book is from down the road.

On top of that meself and her Da go way back.

Obviously the book got the Hollywood Makeover along the way and all in all it was a pleasant enough journey. There were a few things though I though were a bit mad. Since the film was made both Whelans (or as they say Whaleans) of Wexford st, Dublin and Yankee Stadium had been renovated or rebuilt. oh did I mention the accent..

So here’s a list of things I learned about Ireland from PS. I Love you

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Dear Meteor, I want my Inbox back!

Once upon a time Ireland had a measly little music awards ceremony every year called the IRMA’s. Sometime during the noughties Meteor took over and turned it around and into a shoe (not an actual shoe, more like a show) that takes place in the 02 in Dublin every year.

This year unsigned bands had the opportunity to nominate themselves for ‘Most promising New Artist 2010’. They can get all their mates to vote for them and the top few go through to a shortlist for the actual award.

Here’s my beef.. Meteor you have to give some guidelines next year as to who can enter, everyone in a band seems to have nominated themselves. Now, I’m not one to knock independent Irish music, heck it’s paid my wages (which I am thankful for) and I know a hell of a lot of bands but i do think that Meteor should come up with some sort of minimum criteria to enter.

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We’re Halfway There

Now that all our assignments and exams are done, it means that I’m half way through my degree.

The decision to return to education wasn’t one I made lightly but it was one that needed to be made.

I had been working for myself for a few years and technology being the way it is, I knew if I didn’t get myself a decent qualification, I’d be left behind and wouldn’t have a job.

At the end of all the decisions and queries, it came down to Multimedia in DCU or Media Arts in DIT.

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